Bioingenium announces an alliance with Trinity Tek to bring its fetal bovine serum to Europe

May 12, 2017

Bioingenium, the biotechnology products and services company based in Barcelona, has announced its alliance with Trinity Tek, based in Cartagena, Colombia, to collaborate in the production and introduction of fetal bovine serum in the European market.

Trinity Tek is a global and high quality supplier of fetal bovine serum and services related to the life sciences industry around the world with direct presence in North and South America and Europe. The Trinity Tek executive team has more than 30 years of experience in bio-production, management of blood banks, plasmapheresis centers and blood derivatives of animal origin, such as fetal bovine serum.

Bioingenium is a reference company in the development of bioprocesses, which provides services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic industries. Bioingenium has created an alliance with Trinity Tek to implement an innovative filtration and quality control process to bring the product to the Spanish market.