Process development

Helping to improve bioprocesses

At Bioingenium we are very aware of the value of a good process. The development of a robust and reliable process is key for a recombinant protein. It might be enough with standards procedures at an initial stage of development, however, an adequate process becomes more crucial the more the product advances in its development. That is why we put the focus in the process from the beginning. We would have the process always in mind.

These are our services:

Fermentation: Upstream process development

In order to increase the productivity of your protein we have capability to perform batch or fed-batch bioreactor cultivations. Also, processes could be designed to reduce possible bottlenecks in the production, such as proteases degradation, misfolding, etc. At Bioingenium we can monitor the main fermentation parameters: pH, biomass, temperature, stirring, oxygen concentration and control these parameters. It is also possible to direct the culture growth by controlled addition of substrates.

Purification: Downstream process development

A good downstream process is critical to obtain a protein with the desired purity. Bioingenium has the equipment and experience to design tailor made purification process for your protein. Microfiltration, and tangential ultrafiltration help us to remove cell debris and prepare the protein extract for subsequent chromatographic steps. In each case the best solution, affinity, ion exchange, hydrophobic chromatography for an optimal purification would be evaluated and assayed.

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